About Us

Since 2014, we’ve been creating beautiful homes, productive office spaces, and exciting stores for people just like you.

There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into your newly renovated building or room and knowing that you’ve made a worthwhile investment. It’s not just the quality of the workmanship, the materials used or the fact that the work was completed on time.

It’s the way the entire project is put together. Like when the renovation team arrives on time, gets to work immediately, offers outstanding service and advice, and never wastes your time.

Or the way in which fittings and materials are carefully selected to create the right effect when put together.

Or the small details that are attended to like making sure existing fixtures and furniture are protected against paint splashes or damage.

What we do

Luculent Office & Home Renovations is a building and renovations company based in Johannesburg. We pride ourselves on getting the details, big or small, just right.

We’ll work closely with you from the first meeting until the end of the project to make sure you get the results you want. We’ll also offer you expert advice on the latest trends in home, office and store design.

We have an outstanding team of highly skilled tradespeople and work with specialised third-parties to make sure you only have to deal with one contact for all your needs.

Jobs are quoted based on a fair estimation of what it will take to complete the task to a quality standard using materials of the type and quality required for an excellent outcome. Although we’re always careful to respect your budget, we never take shortcuts or work with inferior-quality materials.